Humm together on Facebook

Humming to Stardom!

Combining the fun of the hugely popular "Draw Something", traditional karaoke, classic "Name That Tune", and "Humm Bug" trivia games, Humm Together app for iOS andFacebook takes the social musical gameplay to a whole new level! With an attractive user interface design, extensive iOS/Facebook (and subsequently Android) cross-platform compatibility, and great selection of music to hum, whistle or la-la-la (singing lyrics are not allowed), the game will sure win the hearts of millions!

Invite your friends

Hummers take turns choosing songs to hum (with varying difficulty levels) to their multiple opponents, holding multiple humming duels at the same time. The game's asynchronous multiplayer design, allows humming opponents to hum popular songs, and guessing the hums of their buddies at their convenience.

Facebook & Mobile

The deep Facebook synchronization of the mobile version of the game, enables users' to post their hums to their Facebook wall, thus allowing all of their Facebook friends to guess the humming of popular music, helping the hummer earn additional in-game stars, and boosting the audience of their hums.